Dr. Clifford L. Stanley
Chairman of the Diaconate

Mr. John S. Williams
Chairman of the Trustee Board


All Church leaders are called to help other people become true followers of Jesus Christ. To do this, leaders first strive to be the Savior’s faithful disciples, living each day so that they can return to live in God’s presence. Then they can help others develop strong testimonies and draw nearer to Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. The following Church programs & activities help achieve these purposes.

  • Adult Work Committee
  • Board of Christian Education
  • Executive Council
  • Leadership Development
  • Recreation Committee
  • Board of Missions


Adult Work Commitee


The Adult Work Committee is responsible for planning and implementing educational programs for the adult members of the Church.

The Adult Ministries under our Adult Works banner include the following:

  • Grace Institute of Christian Education
  • Marriage Ministry
  • Singles’ Ministry
  • Wellness Ministry
  • Women’s Ministries of Grace
  • Women’s Retreat
  • Young Adult Fellowship


Board of Education Committee

The Board of Education Committee is responsible for studying the educational needs of the church. Its job is to organize, administer and supervise the church’s entire educational program.


Executive Council

The Executive Council is comprised of Deacons, Trustees, Presidents and Vice Presidents of all church organizations. It acts as the voice of the entire church in working closely with the Pastor in carrying out church wide activities.