Rev. Tamika Holder

 Rev. Holder spent her formative years of spiritual development at her home church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, located at 1411 S. 50th Street.  At the age of nine, she accepted Christ as her Savior. Her faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ continued to be nurtured by wonderful Sunday school instructors, the preaching and teaching of my pastor, and the youth ministry of a neighborhood church. She received her secular education in the Catholic School System and graduated from West Philadelphia Catholic High School.  The transition from youth to adulthood helped her understand (and begin to truly live) what it means to allow Christ to be Lord of her life. Rev. Holder received a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health from Temple University. In preparation for her call to ministry, she went on Palmer Theological Seminary, where she earned a Master of Divinity degree. 

Professionally, Rev. Holder has spent the past 10 plus years serving vulnerable populations, working with all age groups from kindergarteners to seniors. She has engaged children and youth, planned and implemented out of school and after school activities and service learning projects. Additionally, she has worked with emotional support students, providing one on one tutoring as well as group therapeutic activities. She has also spent the past five years engaging individuals experiencing homelessness, struggling to overcome trauma, addiction and inadequate education/ training to help them achieve their fullest potential. Currently, Rev. Holder is the Program Coordinator for the Workforce Development Programs at Episcopal Community Services. She is a part of a unique team that works to assist people in accomplishing employment and educational goals.

Rev. Holder currently serves as an Associate Minister at Grace Baptist Church of Germantown, where she has been since 2006. She was licensed to preach the Gospel in 2008 and ordained to Christian Ministry in March 2014.  She faithfully serves in various capacities - working with young adults and convening the Young Adult Bible Forum, she is the director and a teacher of Grace Institute of Christian Education, she is the Secretary of the Board of Christian Education and a youth advisor.  In addition, she has taught and facilitated workshops and preached at retreats and conferences.

Rev. Holder’s goal is to preach, teach and (most importantly) live the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is understandable and practical, trusting that the Spirit of the living God will change hearts and minds and challenge people to be all that God calls and desires us to be. It is her hope and desire to share the love, hope, grace, peace, joy and forgiveness she has found in Christ with others that they may come to know and follow Christ as well.